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What is this service for?

This service enables developers to forward information received via email to a script of their choice, as if the same information has been submitted via a web-based form.

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Are attachments included?

Every target has the option to include attachments up to 16MB. This option can only be enabled if your HTTP method is set to POST.

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What IP address will the request appear from?

We currently make the POST or GET requests from the IP address ( We recommend your application looks up the IP address via the DNS name, rather than hard coding the IP address. If we change or add to this in the future, will will notify you via your account and email.

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You send the subject as "subject" but I need it as "cheeseburger", what can I do?

Not a problem. The field names of everything we send can be changed on a per target basis within your account under "Variable Substitutes".

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What are the field names you send?

When you have configured a target we will send via POST or GET (your choice) the following fields:

  • from - the email address the email was received from. This field name is changable in your account.
  • subject - the email subject. This field name is changable in your account.
  • headers - the complete email header as received by our mail system. This field name is changable in your account.
  • body - the body of the email (in either HTML, TEXT or RAW - configured in your account). This field name is changable in your account.
  • filenameX - the name of the file attachment where X is the number of the attachment, starting from 0.
  • filecontentX - the raw content of the file attachment where X is the number of the attachment, starting from 0. This data will be base64 encoded.
  • auth - as an extra validity check, we send the MD5 checksum of your email alias to your script.

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Why does the email body contains backslashes?

All quotation marks are escaped with backslashes before sending to your script. To remove them you will need to run stripslashes() (or your languages equivalent) on the data we send.

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How long does it take to upgrade to a pro account?

Upgrading to a pro account takes only a few minutes. Login to your account and follow the link to upgrade. Payment of the £12.00 annual fee will be taken via credit card or debit card. When your payment has been processed and accepted your account will be upgraded within a minute or two. You may need to logout and login to your account to see the changes.

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I have a pro account, what will happen if I don't renew?

If you do not renew your pro account you will automatically be reverted back to a free account. As a free account only allows one active target at a time ALL of your targets will be disabled and you will have to manually re-active one of them. Any hits on your targets before your account expired will not be counted against your free allowance.

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I need more targets than the pro account offers, what should I do?

If you need something more than our pro account offers, get in touch with us to discuss a custom package to meet your needs.

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Which ports can you make requests on?

We currently support outbound requests on port 80 (HTTP) and 443 (HTTPS).

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I have another question, who can I ask?

If you have any questions not answered on our website, please contact us and we'll do our best to help you out

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Free Account

Register for a free email2http account now and you could be accepting emails via HTTP POST or GET in seconds, you'll get:
  • 10 configurable targets (email prefixes)
  • 1 active target
  • forwarding of 30 emails (hits) per month
  • custom variable replacements
  • email body/attachment processing controls
Only 5 new free accounts are available per day.

Pro Account

Upgrading to a pro account costs only £12.00 per year and you'll get:
  • 10 configurable targets (email prefixes)
  • 10 active targets
  • use your own domain
  • unlimited forwarding (hits)
  • custom variable replacements
  • email part controls
  • email body/attachment processing controls

All accounts come with email support - but we're confident you won't need it!

Need something more than a Pro account? Contact us to discuss a custom package to meet your requirements.


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