email2http - email to your web application, simples.

Thank you, and goodbye

We've been providing the email2http service for 13 years to help developers email enable their applications. During this time we've processed over 14 million emails for over 4,000 users, however, the time has now come to bring things to a close.

With the ever increasing costs to run a service like this, the time it takes to police the "bad" users, and the increased availability of cloud computing and functions to deploy your own mail processing, we feel this is now a good time to shut down email2http.

Therefore, new registrations are now closed. Account upgrades are now closed. Users with existing pro accounts will have their expiry extended under the service closes down. Those with an expiry beyond closing, we'll be in touch to discuss refund options.

The service will shut down on 1st July 2023

Accept email in your web applications in seconds!

Save yourself hours in development time and headaches, email2http is the easiest way to accept emails in your web application.

We accept email on your behalf, we then process it as you request and send it to your web application as a HTTP POST or HTTP GET request (email to web / email to HTTP) - your choice. The most configurable email processing avaliable, sign up for a free account now to try it out for yourself.

Free Account

Register for a free email2http account now and you could be accepting emails via HTTP POST or GET in seconds, you'll get:
  • 10 configurable targets (email prefixes)
  • 1 active target
  • forwarding of 30 emails (hits) per month
  • custom variable replacements
  • email body/attachment processing controls
Only 5 new free accounts are available per day.

Pro Account

Upgrading to a pro account costs only £15.00 per year and you'll get:
  • 10 configurable targets (email prefixes)
  • 10 active targets
  • use your own domain
  • unlimited forwarding (hits)
  • custom variable replacements
  • email part controls
  • email body/attachment processing controls

All accounts come with email support - but we're confident you won't need it!

Need something more than a Pro account? Contact us to discuss a custom package to meet your requirements.


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